Broadland 15

Classic “Prospector” lines ensure our Broadland 15 offers a reassuring ride as a family tandem and yet also a playful, responsive ride as a solo “enthusiast” canoe. It's our flagship pocket-tandem.

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4565 mm
905 mm
29.5 Kgs

Overview | Broadland 15
Drawing on the classic lines and proven design characteristics of a traditional Prospector canoe

Our pocket-tandem is a confidence-inspiring canoe for anyone to paddle – and it thrives absolutely everywhere from open water to wild rivers!

We designed everything from the chine and camber of the sidewall to the rocker profile to ensure our Broadland 15 would be the pick of our range for a balanced mix of solo and tandem canoeing.

Although designed as a “lowland” canoe, for exploring anywhere from gentle rivers to sheltered lakes, our Broadland 15 has become the preferred “go to” choice of those who like to mix up everything associated with “traditional” canoeing.

Choose this canoe if you are keen on one-boat to rule them all.

Starting Point

All good stories have to start somewhere...  

For a Silverbirch canoe this somewhere is our Duracore plus construction with Vinyl gunwales.

Offering a tough, durable, and versatile package our Duracore plus models are great value. They're also the perfect start point for configuring a truly bespoke canoe:


Duracore +

Vinyl Gunwales

White Internal Colour

Wood Web Seat

Standard Thwart


Length: 4565 mm | Width:  905 mm | Weight: 36kg

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Construction Options

Every “traditional” model in the Silverbirch Canoes range benefits from class-leading technical moulding which optimises material distribution in ways which give each hull “engineered strength” based around our tapered-foam technology.

Our Broadland 15 is available in two constructions. One prioritises durability over weight and is ideal for professional use. The other is optimised for recreational users in ways which puts Silverbirch Canoes in close competition with more expensive composite or Royalex craft. 

Duracore Plus is made to last, combining a tough, high-density outer skin, a closed cell foam core, and a medium density inside skin to help dissipate the energy from impacts.

DuraLITE offers a noticeable weight saving over Duracore PLUS, with a slight drop in abrasion-resistance but without any reduction in hull-stiffness.

 Duralite Colour Options

Colour Options

How would you like your canoe to stand out?

Our Duralite Broadland 15 canoes benefit from custom colour options internally and externally and gives you weight reductions of 2.5 kgs.
* Not available as internal ** White is internal colour only

Forest Green *

Vivid Yellow

Firebrick Red

Electric Blue

Lime Green

Candy Pink

Burnt Orange

Purple *

Jet Black *

White (Internal Only) **

Gunwales and Trim

Every Canoe is finished to your specifications by our team of paddle-sport enthusiasts at our dedicated production facility in the East of England.

Every vinyl gunwale we fit is matched with our custom-shaped polyethlene end plates and ash handles to give a durable, low maintenance outfitting option.

Every ash gunwale is hand finished then matched with ash end plates and ash handles. Every piece is oiled by hand to give a beautiful, natural finish which is also several kilos lighter than the vinyl alternative.

Ash Gunwales

Lightweight, Resilient, Beautiful plus 1.5 kg weight saving

Vinyl Gunwales

UV Resistant, Durable, Low Maintenance

Seating Options

As standard, the Broadland 15 comes outfitted with comfortable wood/web seats. These can be changed to curved wood/web seats, curved cane seats. We can also add a kneeling thwart.

Wood Web

Comes flat or curved

Curved Cane

Looks great with ash gunwales

Lacing Options

Our factory-fitted lacing is stitched directly through the hull, immediately under the gunwale, and is threaded through polyethylene tubing internally for abrasion resistance.


Full Lacing

Full length lacing on Silverbirch Canoes extends the concept of laced and stitched and provides internal attachment points under the gunwales all along the inside of the canoe. This style of lacing may be used for attachment points in white water safety and rescue scenarios.

End Lacing

Silverbirch Canoes with laced and stitched ends are set up for additional flotation in the bow and stern. The lacing is exclusively 3mm, 8 plaid Marlow Rope, and can be any of a range of colours. On the inside of the canoe, the lacing runs through clear hose.

Custom Outfitting

We outfit every boat to suit your requirements with pride in our Norfolk production facility

There is no such thing as a 'standard-use' for a canoe. Each and every paddler has unique set of needs, and each and every boat should be as unique as the paddler using it.

We can help! 

We work with an incredible team of paddlers and engineering professionals around the world to design and build the best canoes possible.

Offering you the ability to customise a boat to your exact needs is a natural extension of this passion and allows us to craft something completely unique for you and your needs

 Steve Childs - Silverbirch Canoes Director

We can build your ...

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