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Rebel Overview

The Rebel is a modern 11ft whitewater canoe, just as capable on big volume grade 4 as it is efficient on shallow braided streams and flat sections.

The Rebel has been designed to excel with a wide variety of loads - making it ideal for use on longer trips where you may not only have significant gear to take, but a continually lightening load as the trip goes on.

We've worked hard to optimise the secondary stability - this was important feedback from the early prototypes, not in terms of literal stability but in terms of the transition from primary to secondary, and how clearly defined the rail feels as a consequence. The production Rebel 11 not only 'sits' naturally on the rail, but has massively boosted secondary stability making it an easy to paddle and confidence inspiring canoe.



“Whether you are looking for more speed from your OC1 or a natural transition from your traditional canoe, the Rebel is the boat for you”

James Dennis - Silverbirch canoes director


“This is a glorious boat! Silverbirch have really outdone themselves. This boat will be at home on any moving water, and won’t even be too objectionable on the flats”

Phillip Prince - Silverbirch ambassador and test pilot


“The Rebel is fast, nimble, dry, and made of high quality PE, so it can make those big water moves and take a beating in the creeks!”

Jerrod Jones - Silverbirch ambassador and test pilot


In the meantime, head over to our Facebook page for updates on the development of this radically new entry in our white water range.


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The Rebel is available in two construction options:


- our thickness optimised material which is ideal for all the abuse of modern day creeking


- our innovative three layer material, which is great for use on bigger volume rivers where stiffness and weight are the primary concerns





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Duratough is a thickness optimised single layer hull which is made of the toughest and most durable polymer we can find.

It is maximised for impact resistance and stiffness which is continually tested, both in the lab and by our highly abusive brand ambassadors around the world ensuring it is the best it can be.

We then feed this research back to our polymer company, who work with us to continually improve Duratough's resilience.

Every shell is cooked to the perfect temperature by our in-house computer controlled ovens, and then undergoes extensive testing to ensure it is up to the rigours of modern OC1 paddling.





Duralite is an impact resistant three layer foam cored laminate making it ideal for use on bigger volume whitewater, or for paddlers who wish to prioritise the weight and stiffness of their boat over its rock bashing ability.

The outer skin is made with an incredibly stiff and tough whitewater grade plastic – the best we can find! The foam has been optimised to have a low density and to work with the inner and outer layers providing durability.  To make the most of the superior materials we have optimised the distribution between the layers giving a balanced finish.

Duralite is a fantastic material and performs well where you might traditionally use boats made of materials such as Royalex and being made of linear polyethylene it is easier to repair than these should you puncture it.






Duralite or Duratough?

The Rebel 11 has a great shape for optimising polymer distribution. This means we get some additional weight savings in Duratough negating almost all the weight advantage you would usually see by opting for our three layer duralite construction.


So why would you choose Duralite? 


1. You don’t want to use a saddle.

As with most single layer canoes our duratough construction utilises the saddle to help with the overall stiffness and durability characteristics of the canoe. Without the saddle a Duratough canoe is still incredibly durable, but you will see increased levels of flex in the hull, which will negatively effect hull efficiency and feel. If for example you want to use a strap set up, Duralite would be a great option as the stiffer hull will hold its shape better.

Indirectly, removing the saddle will save approximately 3kg on the overall canoe weight.

For this reason the Rebel 11 is available in Duralite, without a fitted saddle. 


2. You only paddle big volume rivers.

Duralite is significantly stiffer than Duratough. Stiffness increases the efficiency and feel of the hull and if you paddle in places where you do not spend your life boofing, grinding, and impacting rocks – then the feel alone should convince you!



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Our whitewater canoes come outfitted with our custom Silverbirch bulkhead saddle made from 30kgm3 density minicell foam.

The saddle is fitted as standard with Yakima footrests. At the request of our customers the footrests are now fixed to the saddle with bonded 40mm polyethylene dowels to ensure maximum durability.

A fitting kit including foam sidewalls, foam shims, glue, sandpaper, and a surf-form is supplied to allow you to customise your boat to your needs the second it arrives.

Covert 9.3 saddle2

Covert saddle fitting kit

Technical Specifications

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 Length - 3480 mm / 11'4"

 Width - 686 mm / 27"

 Depth - 440 mm / 17.25"




 Ash gunwales - 24.5kg


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