Jerrod Jones Rebel 11 Tennessee 1


The right design for you is only as good as the material choice you match it with, we offer three different constructions to help you make the most of your new canoe:




dura tough logo


Duratough is a thickness optimised single layer hull which is made of the toughest and most durable polymer we can find.

It is maximised for impact resistance and stiffness which is continually tested, both in the lab and by our highly abusive brand ambassadors around the world ensuring it is the best it can be.








Available in: Agent 8.8Covert 9.3, Covert 10.5, Rebel 1






duracore plus

Duracore plus boasts a 200% increase in stiffness and impact resistance over our Duracore laminate, whilst also benefitting from increased UV protection and improved durability.

Duracore plus is the ideal choice for those who prioritise durability over weight and is ideal for professional use.







Available in: Firefly 14Broadland 15, Broadland 15 HL, Broadland 16, Broadland 16 HL 





duralite logoThe outer skin is made with an incredibly stiff and tough whitewater grade plastic – the best we can find, the foam has been optimized to have a lower density, giving us a thicker core than that used in Duracore plus, and the material distribution between the layers has been optimised to make the most of the superior materials.

The result? Stiffer, lighter, and yet just more durable!

The noticeable weight saving over our Duracore plus laminate puts many models made with Duralite into close competition with more expensive canoes produced with composite or royalex construction methods.




Available in: Firefly 14Broadland 15Broadland 15 HLBroadland 16Broadland 16 HLCovert 9.3Covert 10.5Rebel 11