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Every canoe is manufactured in our own purpose built production facility in the heart of the Norfolk countryside.

Every aspect of our production facility is bespoke in design to build the best canoes possible, from our custom oven control systems, to our digital quality control process, to our innovative proprietary mould designs – which are also designed and finished onsite to ensure they work seamlessly with our canoe designs, chosen polymer, and oven environment.




Not all plastics are equal!

We work tirelessly with several polymer companies around the world; not only to use the best polymer alloys available, but to lead our industry in terms of polymer developments and production processes.

We monitor and review every oven cycle – not only so we are getting the most from these great materials, but so we can continually learn from them – there is always a way to improve!

Our unique approach to production, combined with this passion for polymer development has allowed us to develop class leading materials such as; duratough, duralite, and hydrolite




We take the environmental impact and sustainability of our company very seriously – that’s why you won’t catch us making canoes or accessory items from recycled materials!

Recycled plastic has vastly reduced impact and UV resistance and whilst things can be done to improve this an amount, it will still not be as durable as virgin material – even with vast amounts of energy used in the re-processing, which obviously compounds the problem further!

It does not mean the end of the road for our scrap and recycled materials however. Some uses do not have the same demands in terms of UV and impact resistance, and so we use our recovered materials to make tanks for a local agricultural firm. These tanks are hidden from high impacts and harsh UV light, and so are an ideal second home for these recycled materials.

You can broadly sum up our Environmental policy as follows:

  1. Make the lightest, most durable products possible (REDUCE)
  2. Re-purpose scrap and unused materials where possible, for example re-using supplier packaging (REUSE)
  3. Recycle, but only if sustainable to do so (RECYCLE)