SB 17

A truly durable, high-stability, huge capacity load-hauling and people-carrying canoe for centre, club, and rental use 

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5240 mm
940 mm
47.5 Kgs
Overview | SB 17
The SB 17 is for when stability and the capacity to carry people and a load really matter

 We designed the SB 17 as a traditional "pickup truck of the water" - it's big, it's tough and it's configured for professional centre use.

Our Duracore Plus construction was developed in parallel with the SB17 to be the most durable and resilient material yet, with a 200% increase in stiffness and impact resistance over more traditional PE constructions.

We doubled the flexural modulus of the internal layer, meaning it's stiffer, with better shape memory. Duracore Plus also came in over 15% better on impact resistance and heat deflection, and comes with increased UV stabilization.

Our Tapered Foam Technology makes use of an improved middle-layer foam to ensure our SB 17 has maximum rigidity in the hull, plus maximum impact resistance in the stems.

The SB 17 is the ideal choice for those who prioritise size, durability and seating options over weight.

Starting point

All good stories have to start somewhere...  

For a Silverbirch canoe this somewhere is our Duracore plus construction with Vinyl gunwales.

Offering a tough, durable, and versatile package our Duracore plus models are great value. They're also the perfect start point for configuring a truly bespoke canoe:


Duracore +

Vinyl Gunwales

White Internal Colour

3 x Plastic Seat

Standard Thwart


Length: 5240 mm | Width: 940 mm | Weight: 47.5kg

From £1599

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Colour Options

External Colour Options

How would you like your canoe to stand out?

Our SB 17 canoes are built for enthusiasts and are available with custom interiors (solid colour) as well as 2 exteriors.

Forest Green


Internal Colour Options

SB 17 models can benefit from custom internal colours...

White (Standard)

Vivid Yellow

Lime Green

Candy Pink

Burnt Orange

Firebrick Red

Seating Options

As standard we outfit our SB 17 with 3 plastic seats , however we do other a 4 seat option for larger groups. You can also upgrade to wood web.

3 x Plastic Seats

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3 x Wood Web Seats

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4 x Plastic Seats

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Custom Outfitting

We outfit every boat to suit your requirements with pride in our Norfolk production facility

There is no such thing as a 'standard-use' for a canoe. Each and every paddler has unique set of needs, and each and every boat should be as unique as the paddler using it.

We can help!

We work with an incredible team of paddlers and engineering professionals around the world to design and build the best canoes possible.

Offering you the ability to customise a boat to your exact needs is a natural extension of this passion and allows us to craft something completely unique for you and your needs

 Steve Childs - Silverbirch Canoes Director

We can build your ...

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