All plastics are not equal

We work tirelessly with polymer companies around the world to obtain the best polymer-alloys available, but also to lead our industry in terms of polymer developments and production processes.

We monitor and review every oven cycle – not only so we are getting the most from these great materials, but so we can continually learn from them – there is always a way to improve!

Our unique approach to production, combined with this passion for polymer development has allowed us to develop class leading materials such as Duratough, Duralite, and Hydrolite

Duratough is a thickness optimised single layer hull which is made of the toughest and most durable polymer we can find.

It is maximised for impact resistance and stiffness which is continually tested, both in the lab and by our highly abusive brand ambassadors around the world ensuring it is the best it can be.


Hydrolite is our class-leading approach to PE construction for advanced, lightweight, polyethylene canoes. We developed a thickness-optimised single layer which takes advantage of the rigidity provided by minicell bulkheads and of our precision control of material distribution. 

Our Range of Whitewater Canoes

Agent 88 | Covert 9.3 | Covert 9.3 Hydrolite | Covert 10.5 Solo | Covert 10.5 Tandem | Rebel 11

The brief was simple for this boat - quick, nimble, dry, forgiving, fun. 

With a huge amount of team input, multiple prototypes, and extensive testing in Corsica, UK winter floods, and on the US east coast we have made this brief a reality!

The Agent has more rocker than any other Silverbirch model, more volume, and more edge. The result is a forgiving and highly manoeuvrable creeker with plenty of tail rocker to kill excessive speed on steeper sections and a nose rocker profile made to boof everything in sight!

A well defined chine with a hard exit compliments the central rocker profile to give the Agent plenty of drive and acceleration when on rail, whilst retaining a chine angle that does not 'trip up' on rocks.

Plenty of sidewall flair ensures there is all the secondary stability you need when things get a little rowdy and has the added benefit of ensuring the Agent fits a wide range of paddler weights.

Tech Specs

Length  - 2710 mm / 8.8'

  Width  - 765 mm / 30.5"

  Depth  - 470 mm / 18.5"

Weight  - 22.75 Kg / 50 lb


In development nothing was off limits and nothing was pre-set – we simply sat down in our shaping bay with a blank piece of paper and one simple brief – To create the fastest, most manoeuvrable, and most predictable Open Canoe possible.

At the core of this philosophy is our stepped rocker profile. The step in the tail ensures a clean release of water from the stern, which not only reduces drag, but also helps to reduce the tendency for the tail to bog down on boily eddy lines or when getting bounced around by large lateral waves.

The sidewall profile of the boat is also continually curved. This helps boost secondary stability and is carefully angled to keep the waterline width to a minimum.

As the Covert is made just to slide, spin, grind, boof, and surf its way down the river we have searched the globe for the best materials to build it from. Every boat is built in-house by a dedicated team of paddlers, using a custom grade of super tough high- density  polyethylene.

Tech Specs

Length - 2820 mm / 9.3'

 Width - 735 mm / 29.25"

 Depth - 381 mm / 15"

Weight 23.5 Kg / 51.5 lb

Possibly the biggest suprise in our range! 

The Covert 10.5 excels as a solo boat. Whether you need a little extra float, want to take additional gear with you for multi-day trips, or just want a more relaxed feel to your whitewater canoeing - the 10.5 will deliver time and time again!

Proven on a huge variety of water types around the world, the Covert 10.5 solo is fast becoming a firm favourite.

Sometimes a boat development comes together way beyond your wildest expectations, this was the case with the Covert tandem!

From its progressive rocker profile which makes it almost effortless to boof, to its flaired sidewall profile which gives great secondary stability in the most turbulent of waters - the Covert 10.5 tandem just works!

Designed with a footprint and volume suitable for two generously sized adults and yet still manouverable and nimble enough to make the tightest of eddies on the smallest of rivers.

Try one and you’ll see what we mean!

Tech Specs

 Length - 3200 mm / 10'6"

 Width - 775 mm / 30.5"

 Depth - 420mm / 16.5"

Weight - 26.75kg

The Rebel is a modern 11ft whitewater canoe, just as capable on big volume grade 4 as it is efficient on shallow braided streams and flat sections.

The Rebel has been designed to excel with a wide variety of loads - making it ideal for use on longer trips where you may not only have significant gear to take, but a continually lightening load as the trip goes on.

We've worked hard to optimise the secondary stability - this was important feedback from the early prototypes, not in terms of literal stability but in terms of the transition from primary to secondary, and how clearly defined the rail feels as a consequence. The production Rebel 11 not only 'sits' naturally on the rail, but has massively boosted secondary stability making it an easy to paddle and confidence inspiring canoe.

Tech Specs

 Length -  3480 mm / 11'4"

 Width -  686 mm / 27"

 Depth - 420mm / 16.5"

Weight -  24.5kg / 54 lb

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